GP Practice Federation

Havering Health

Havering Health is a Federation of 40 General Practices in the London Borough of Havering caring for more than 270,000 patients.

Get To Know Us

Welcome to Havering Health

Havering Health is a collaboration of local GP practices who have agreed to work together to offer a well-resourced, high-quality health service provided by clinicians with expertise, in understanding of, and commitment to their local communities. Havering Health acts as the CCG, preferred contracted agency for the delivery of the non DES services. 92% of the Havering population is registered with a GP practice which holds membership of Havering Health. We continue to work and engage with all remaining GP Practices.

Our Aims

Our Vision

Havering Health’s vision is described as supporting solutions for quality care by a valued workforce. We believe in offering a well-resourced, high-quality health provision provided by local clinicians who have expertise in, understanding of, and commitment to their community.

We plan to do this by:

  • Supporting our PCNs
  • Continually improving the quality and delivery of patient care
  • Generating new sources of income
  • Represent primary care interest in the local health economy

Our key values are:

  • Working in Partnerships
  • Readiness to support members
  • Innovation
  • Workforce
  • Respect
  • Sustainability
  • Patient Cantered Care
  • Sustainability
  • Right Person, Right Place, Right Time

Where are we

Primary Care Networks

North Network

Made up of 14 practices with over 80000 patients.

Crest Network

Made up of 7 practices with over 40000 patients.

South Network

Made up of 16 practices with over 100000 patients.

Marshalls Network

Made up of 3 practices with over 45000 patients.

Who are we

Meet The Team

Havering Health Board members are elected and appointed to act on behalf of the Member Practices who are the shareholders. The Board Members are directly accountable to the shareholders and each year Havering Health holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which the Directors provide a report to all shareholders on the performance of Havening Health, and also represent themselves for re-election in line with the Articles of Association . The agreed objectives of Havering Health are defined in the Articles of Association and its arrangements with member practices in the subscription agreement.

All Directors are local GPs that work in different parts of the Havering Borough..