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Havering Health – Your GP Federation
Havering Health

Welcome to Havering Health Ltd.

Havering Health is a collaboration of local GP practices who have agreed to work together to offer a well-resourced, high quality health service provided by clinicians with expertise in, understanding of, and commitment to their local communities. HH acts as the CCG, preferred contracted agent for the delivery of the non DES services.
92% of the Havering Population is registered with a GP Practice which holds membership of Havering Health.
We continue to work and engage with all remaining GP Practices.

Our Vision

Havering Health’s vision is to offer a well-resourced, high-quality health provision provided by local clinicians who have expertise in, understanding of, and commitment to their community.

The Board also recognise the need to ensure the long term sustainability of the organisation. Within the initial period of trading, Havering Health will compete for opportunities to demonstrate its credentials in providing safe and high quality care services.

We have engaged practices and discussed opportunities with them through a core group of GPs who are leading the initial establishment of the federation, the Founding Directors. The criteria established under which shareholders will wish the business to operate are to:

  • Improve the quality of patient care
  • Represent and support primary care interests in the local health economy
  • Generate a commercial return to shareholder practices through increasing share price and a dividend yield
  • Generate new sources of income for shareholder practices who participate in the delivery of clinical service contracts held by Havering Health
  • Offer efficiencies to shareholding practices through the provision of discounted support services.