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Service Access Hubs

The first access hub in Havering opened in September 2014 with a second opening in March 2015.

The Out of Hours Access Hubs enable patients to be seen after the surgery closes. Patients can also be referred by NHS 111.

Two local GPs work at each Access Hub and patients are offered a booked appointment during the evening or weekend.

If you would like to see a GP over the weekend at one of the hubs, you may prefer to pre-book your appointment from Thursday onwards.

Patients from the borough are seen at one of the two locations. The call centre staff offer the patient the most convenient hub although the patient will have a choice of either site. There will be no walk in service.

The allocated slots for the extended hours are:

Monday – Friday: 6.30PM- 10:00PM

Saturday – Sunday: 8AM – 8PM

After being seen by one of the GPs, you may be advised to book an appointment with your GP for a follow up if necessary. If your symptoms are severe, you may be referred on to the hospital. Please also be aware that we do not hold medical records from your GP.



North Street Medical Care

Click Here For Map (Opens New Window)

North Street Medical Care,

274 North Street,


Essex, RM1 4QJ

Rosewood Medical Centre

Click Here For Map (Opens New Window)

Rosewood Medical Centre,

30 Astra Close,


Essex, RM12 5NJ

Opening Times are:

Monday – Friday 2:30PM – 10PM
Saturday & Sunday – 12PM – 5PM
Patients can call and book an appointment by: 0203 770 1888

Booking times are:

Monday – Friday 2PM – 9PM
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays – 9AM – 3PM

Experienced call handlers are ready to take your call.

For any queries, complaints, case note requests, consumable requests, patient satisfaction questionnaires and any documents and certificates please e-mail


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