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Havering Health has facilitated upgraded practice software for training so that they are better at defining patient health care needs.

This data rich system will enable us to predict future service needs and its effectiveness.

QI (Quality Improvment)

Havering Health are Improving Services in the Havering Borough for GP’s and other Healthcare professionals, making health care a safe, efficient and timely environment

Intergrated Referral Management

The approach will use monthly clinical peer review network sessions to test the referral process from primary care to consultant specialities (Improving Referrals Together (IRT) Pathways), single points of access (SPAs) and through the use of advice and guidance (A&G).  Information in the form of specific network datasets developed by the BHRCCGs CSU team will be provided to inform networks. Together networks will decide on their key priority areas, developing an action plan with clear and time framed deliverables.

Effective Governance

There are four clinical leads which have been recruited to lead the improvement of service of patients affected by; age, mental health, risk of stroke or poor respiratory health