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– Havering Health

Nursing Homes

We are running a scheme (integrated nursing homes) across the borough to align nursing homes to general practices to improve care and wellbeing of residents in the nursing home.

Ladyville Lodge


Upminster Nursing Home


Upminster Care Home

Glebe House


Havering Court Nursing Home


Havering Court

Derham House


Derham2 Derham1

Chaseview Nursing Home

chaseview chaseview2

Cranham Court



Fountains Care Home


Moreland House


Barleycroft Care Home


Beech Court Care Home

beech court
Romford Grange Care Home

Romford Grange Romford Grange2

Abbscross Nursing Home




Romford Care Centre

Romfordcare RomfordCare2

Ashbrook Nursing Home