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fdj, kd, North Network – Havering Health

North Network

Meet The Team

Dr Jwala Gupta                                                                     Dr Gurmeet Singh

Joint Clinical Lead of Havering North PCN                           Joint Clinical Lead of Havering Health PCN


PCN Health Challengers

Map of PCN Postcodes in Havering


PCN Practice Information

List Sizes and Contact Information for Havering Practices in North PCN Network

Practice Name Address (Click For Map)
Website Practice List Size Practice Code
The Greenwood Practice 89 Gubbins Lane, Romford, RM3 0DR Click 11754 F82007
Petersfield Surgery 70 Petersfield Surgery, Harold Hill, RM3 9PD Click 7568 F82010
The Health Centre and Heaton Avenue Surgery The Health Centre, Gooshays Drive, Harold Hill, RM3 9SU  Click 7157 F82014
The Central Park Surgery The Health Centre, Gooshays Drive, Harold Hill, Romford, RM3 9SU  Click 7400 F82016
Lynwood Medical Centre 2A-6 Lynwood Drive, Romford RM5 3QL  Click 12150 F82030
Dr R Chowdhury 6 Oak Road, Romford RM3 0P  Click 3538 F82045
Dr N K Gupta’s Practice 206 Mawney Road, Romford, RM7 8BU Click 2983 F82610
Chase Cross Medical Centre 13-15 Chase Cross Road, RM5 3PJ  Click 5966 F82630
Ingrebourne Medical Centre 135 Straight Road, Romford, RM37JJ  Click 3092 F82648
Straight Road Surgery 137 Straight Road, Romford RM3 7JJ Click 2820 F82671
Dr A Patel 9 Glanville Dr, Hornchurch RM11 3SZ Click 3086 F82686
The Robins Surgery Gooshays Drive, Romford RM3 9SU Click 4798 Y00312
Kings Park Surgery St Clements Avenue, Off Gubbins Lane, Romford, RM3 0FE  Click 8182 Y02973