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Health

Meet The Team

Havering Heath Board members consist of Clinical and Non-Clinical Resources.
All directors are local GP’s who work in different parts of the borough of Havering.

The Chairman and Directors were elected at the last AGM and entrusted with the company for 3 years.
Each director clinically managed a different area of service within the Federation.


Dan WeaverDr Dan Weaver MBBS BSc(Hons) DGM DFFP PGDipMSK

Chairman of Havering Health

Dr Weaver Graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2000.

Following several years in hospital medicine he has been a GP since 2006

and has worked as a Principle GP in Havering since 2009.






Dr Bunmi Olajide


Voted as a director in 2018. Macmillan GP and a Quality Improvement lead for Havering.






Dr David Derby  MBBS, MSC, DRCOG, MRCGP, PgCert TIPC


“Graduated as a doctor in 1994, Qualified as a GP in 2007. Presently a GP Partner and Trainer Rosewood medical Centre. Member of the Royal college of General practice. Elected Havering GP for the PCC, Elected council member of Pelc, Director and Company secretary for Havering Health Federation and Lead director for the Havering health hubs. One of the Founding directors of Havering Health Federation.


David enjoys music and sports and has been a volunteer doctor for the London Marathon for the past 12years”.



Dr. Keith Kendall


Dr Kendall has been a director with Havering Health since November 2014

A local GP principal for the past 30 years and long time trainer.

I want to make sure that general practice in Havering continues to meet the needs of the population and is delivered by local practices

Dr. Meera Kalathara





Richard Pontin

Business Manager

Richard is the Business Manager at Havering Health and has been with the Federation since February 2017.







Chantel Smith

Project Manager

Chantel has been with the Federation since July 2017.

She has worked on many projects including – Care Homes, Anti Coagulation, Workflow, Diabetes, Liquid Nitrogen, and Care Navigation






Urvashi Bhagat

Chief Executive Officer

Urvashi joined the Federation in December 2019


Emma Forecast

Practice Support Advisor and Comms & Engagement Lead

Emma has been with the Federation since December 2019


Nicola Donovan

Office Manager

Nicola joined the Federation in October 2019


Manahil Khan

Transformation Lead

Mani has been with Havering Health since February 2020.


Farya Siddique

Data Analyst


Hassan Kabir