Professionals Services

Initially, the business will focus on competing for the opportunities which are summarised and outlined below:

• Access schemes set out in the Prime Minister Challenge Fund bid;
• Urgent care provision;
• Local opportunities for public health; and
• Local initiatives that support shareholder practices and the local area.


Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund access project

A number of schemes will be funded as part of the Prime Minister Challenge Fund, intended to improve access for patients. This includes out of hours provisions and alternative delivery models, such as telephone appointments. It is anticipated that this will generate more than £400k of revenues in year 1 which will be commissioned by the CCG into the federations. It is further a sustained service into year 2 and potentially beyond. Read more

Practice support services

Where commercially viable, we will look to establish services which are open to practices to use. These will begin to support a reduction in pressure and improve practices performance. An example of a service that could be explored is to use our collective buying power to reduce the cost of support services e.g. include areas such as flu vaccine procurement which it is anticipated will benefit shareholder and local practices with cost savings.

We will also facilitate discussion within practice members on how improvements can be made to health and well being of patients, and how the quality of our services can improve overall.

Bulk Purchasing for Federated Practices

Our aim is to save GPs money and will be looking at the option of bulk buying. Most surgeries use the same stationery and equipment. HH Ltd will shop around for the best price and suggest to the practices whether they would like to ‘buy in bulk’.

Any practice can contact us if they would like us to shop around on their behalf for a specific item whether it’s vaccines or stationery

Access Hub

his hub operates out of North Street Health Care, 274 North Street, Romford, Essex, RM1 2QJ. Opening times are from 6.30-10.00pm each evening and will be starting to open at weekends from 20th December 2014.

The bookings can come from 111, Walk In Centre, A&E or local GP Practices. The telephone number to book patients in is.
01708 209 302

This number is strictly for the clinicians and surgeries to call only. A patient can access the hub through 111,

Bookings are made from 4pm each afternoon. Coming soon – 2pm onwards

Each clinic has 2 GPs available. Twice a week is a Nurse Practitioner. HH is looking at employing an HCA in the future.

Management Support

To assist the practices further, the federation is looking into opening a bank style agency. This will offer surgeries who are struggling to find decent staff and work together with staff who may be looking for additional hours. The federation will link staff to practice and practices to staff.

Community Anti Coagulation Service


New Services