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Health

Complaints and Compliments

We value your feedback.

We are always looking for ways to improve our services to suit your needs. By gaining your feedback, praises, comments and any complaints you have this can help us to do this.
Please feel free to tell us about any good experiences you may have had, or even bad, interactions with staff and compliments.

You can leave us a review on

Or you can download our Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ways to raise a complaint or compliment for our OOH Hubs
We would prefer this to be in writing, you can find our details on the contact us page.

Please provide as much detail as possible –
– When you visited, date, time etc
– What time you was seen
– The name of the Hub you visited
– The name of the GP you was allocated
– What had happened
– How it happened

Once we received your complaint or compliment, we will aim to resolve the matter within 20 working days. If this is a complaint, we will investigate the incident and get back to you and respond within 5 working days.
We keep to the strict rules of medical and personal confidentiality. If you wish to make a complaint and are not the patient involved, we will require the written consent of the patient to confirm that they are unhappy with their treatment and that we can deal with someone else about it. In the event the patient is deceased, then we may agree to respond to a family member or anyone acting on their behalf or who has had an interest in the welfare of the patient.

Download Complaints Procedure Leaflet

Download Complaints Form