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Clinical Pharmacy

Havering health economy, Havering Health Limited and Havering PCN are changing. We are undertaking a historic transformation of the healthcare system that will dramatically improve care for our Havering population of around 300,000 people from diverse backgrounds.

We work in partnership to create and sustain our PCN as being pivotal to providing choice, convenience and continuity of health care for patients.

Havering PCNs formed in the period June to July 2019 in alignment with new NHSE direction led by both the GP Contract and the Ten Year NHS Plan. As part of that direction, Havering PCN are committed to the establishment of a team of Clinical Pharmacists, Social Prescribers, and other qualified GP and Patient enablers, to create a high-performing team of both clinical and no-clinical staff working within Primary Care and Community settings.  Havering has four PCN, each with Clinical Directors and aligned GP practices.

Formed in 2016, Havering Health Limited (HH) is a limited company managed by a board of elected GP directors who manage business, services and contracts, across Havering on behalf of Commissioners (CCGs) and Havering’s Shareholder GP Practices.

We are accountable for the aims / deliverables contained within a number of strategic transformation programmes:


  • Transforming Primary Care
  • Delivering the new GP Contract (DES)
  • Whole Systems Integrated Care
  • Delivering The NHS Ten Year Plan


In supporting the establishment of individual PCN working in partnership with HH, we will ensure the sustainability of general practice and provide a platform on which to build innovative solutions to current and future challenges.


With this in mind the board has several overarching objectives to support the delivery of our vision and strategic priorities which are:


  • We will always give choice and equal access to services for all of our patients in Havering
  • We will deliver high quality, safe care across all our services
  • We will strive to ensure that Havering GP Practices are the best they may be despite developing pressures and challenges resulting from rising patient acuity, a growing and increasingly diverse population, and limited resources
  • We will work in effective partnership with other care providers to deliver new models of integrated care
  • We will ensure that patients are empowered to make informed decisions about their healthcare
  • We will ensure that the patient is at the centre of all we do, ensuring they have a voice within our organisation
  • We will provide an excellent level of service with trained professionals delivering outstanding care
  • We will provide an environment of development and recognition for staff
  • We will ensure all staff benefit from a structured appraisal system
  • We will ensure we create an open dialogue between staff and the senior leaders within HH
  • We will ensure that each and every staff member working within our organisation and member practices recognises and feels that they play an important part within the organisation
  • Offering an easy to access system which provides equity of access in a well-co-ordinated and continuous way.
  • Social Prescribing
  • Nursing Homes